The Baby Santos Chronicles…What Will Baby Be? The Official Poll

So…after hearing differing opinions about whether Jono and I are having a boy or a girl, and also hearing guesses for both boy and girl in any given hour we thought it would be fun to open up a poll on here to our family and friends near and far.

Just a few fun reasons for why people are guessing one gender over another:

You are carrying high”

“You are carrying low..”

“The heartbeat is less than 140 beats per minute.”

“You weren’t sick, so you must be having a boy.”

“Your belly is round.”

“Your belly is pointy.”

“You are getting pretty…..(Thank God no one has told me I’m getting ugly 😉

We’ve heard it all and now it’s time to hear from you.  What shall it be? BOY or a GIRL?

We decided we’d give a $25 visa gift card to the person guessing the gender as well as the closes birth date and time.  (Time will only be used to narrow down to one winner, and if necessary, a random drawing.)

You need only leave a comment in the section below to enter.  Winners will be announced on the date of birth!


16 thoughts on “The Baby Santos Chronicles…What Will Baby Be? The Official Poll”

  1. Im going to go with girl cause Vera needs a playmate and I need to give her cute clothes away! 😉 I’m also going to say that u will be 5 days over due!

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