The Baby Santos Chronicles…Change & Waiting

Things in our life have changed a bit for the better since I started writing here for baby Santos.  God blessed us with a new space that will make it easier for us to raise baby Santos, control our energetic pup and will also give Mom & Dad some space and sanity.  We couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity in the most perfect timing.

Below is a sample of Baby M’s new room!  I have posted a photo and then a video here with a tour of the nursery.  I want to point out the handmade quilt that the baby’s great, great Aunt Jewell made and sent just the other day.  I didn’t know what it looked like ahead of time, but it made a beautiful addition to all of the other decorations.

The 360 plus video flip tour (please don’t mind the camera flips.  I didnt’ realize I wasn’t taking you with me 🙂 )

In these past months, we have realized just how blessed we are to have wonderful family and friends and even co-workers who graciously provided us advice, support, prayers, thier time, help to move, and just about everything we will need for our baby’s coming into the world.  We are so happy that baby M will be coming into a world surrounded by wonderful people and role-models.  We know that so many of our family and friends will make positive marks in our Baby’s chracter, just as you have made positive marks in ours.

The biggest change that has taken place in these past few months and really more recently is that we have begun the process of feeling ready to welcome baby M into the world.  Even just a month ago, I would have told you that I wasn’t ready at all….but just as it takes 9 months to grow a baby into full term, I think God uses those months to prepare the readiness of its parents….loss of sleep and all.

Still waiting in anticipation to find out whether baby M is a boy or girl and waiting for the day and the hour.  Baby M, My prayer is that just as you will be perfect..that you will come in God’s perfect time.


1 thought on “The Baby Santos Chronicles…Change & Waiting”

  1. Boy or Girl the kid will have it all. You guys, I know will be the great parents for your baby. Please post picture soon as He are she is born. Johnathan And Crystal Congratulation One more. Tell proud uncle to be Lenny Hi.

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