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What to Wear?! ~Triathalon on a Budget and Other Cheapo Ramblings…

With only 3 days left until the Triathamom, I am asking the question any woman would ask…What in the heck will I wear!? Seems silly, right? The traditional Tri garb consists of a tri suit or a tri 2 piece. Both of the outfits I have mentioned save time since there is not need to change. Tri suits or tri 2 pieces (consisting of water wicking tri top and a bike short with padding for the bike ride) are convenient and from what I have seen are surprisingly flattering considering the fact that they cling to your body in a very needy way. The problem is that they are pretty pricey. Thus the reason why I have shied away from many triathlons before. There is so much to purchase! Although I may be sorry, I am going to refrain from purchasing either of the two types of tri wear. Instead, I’m going to use what I have. I have spent quite enough already on this life list tri adventure thank you very much.

My Outfit:

  • $15: A snug fitting swimsuit, cap & goggles -I already had the swimsuit.  I have an advantage of my first tri being in a pool which takes the need out of having a wetsuit or tri suit with buoyancy.  I figure I’ll pull out the wallet for a tri suit purchase next time instead.  I did have to repurchase my goggles and swim cap as mine were stolen out of my car this last month from the rec center.  I am planning on just wearing this underneath my quick change workout wear.  Should just take a few secs to throw it all on over!


  • $13.75: A wet wicking workout top -It’s LUCY brand which I found at TJ Maxx for only $13.75.  Score!! 🙂


  • $0: A pair of compression running capris -I already had a pair of these that I purchased for a run from LUCY a few years back.  Can you tell I love their brand? 🙂  Everything I have ever gotten from there has lasted me for several years with lots of use.  No, these don’t have any booty cushion, but with the new comfy gel seat on my bike, I think I’ll survive.  My booty may be temporarily unhappy, but my pocketbook will be happier overall 😉

Women's Plus Active by Old Navy Compression Capris - Black Jack

  • $0 A good hat and some shades –Using both items that I own already.  I was in Sport Chalet today and almost gave in to a beautiful new Nike visor, but I told myself that my current hat would suffice.  Phew, that was a close one! ;0)

448db4ba04949untitled (3)

  • $25: New Running Shoes – I did go all out and get a new pair, but I have been running in my current shoes for over a year and YES, I actually did put some miles on them.  They had a small hiatus during my pregnancy, but otherwise, my new shoe purchase was well deserved. I did get a bargain on my new Sauconys due to the fact that my husband was purchasing a pair for himself and Shoe Carnival had a BOGO 1/2 off sale!  These shoes were already on sale and then with the 1/2 off, came to only $25.  That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me.

untitled (2)

Other Accessories Needed:

  • $210:  My new Cannondale road bike – Now seriously, this purchase was a steal!  As I said before,  I have my friend Kristina to thank for thinking of me and selling her old tri bike to me at a great price.  The $210 includes what I paid her plus repairs (new seat, chain, seat post, tune-up, water bottle holder I added, etc.)  Many people choose to rent or borrow a bike, which is an option I was prepared to look at since I didn’t want to smack down over $300 for my first tri, but I was completely blessed by this opportunity and I’m so appreciative that I have been able to try out my new wheels and feel at home before the race.


  • $6: Swimming Earplugs – I figured this was a good modest purchase that will help me feel more comfortable and less dizzy during my swim.

untitled (4)

  • $3.99: Tire repair/patch kit- Just in case….God forbid.


  • $0: Bike bag for repair kit and spare tire tube- Instead of purchasing one of these bags for $10 plus at the store, we opted to fill an old small camera case and rig it to attach under my seat.  It works just fine!


  • $15: Bike attachment pump- because I just might be needing it.

untitled (5)

Drumroll please….Grand total= $288.74

That’s not too shabby considering the average person (Googled information only) spends over $500 on tri equipment needed for their race and I think I have everything that I need.  If you have done a tri…or several tris, how did you save money?  If you have any tri money saving tips, ideas, please post them below!

Until after the race….



3 thoughts on “What to Wear?! ~Triathalon on a Budget and Other Cheapo Ramblings…

  1. I just use the Mack’s Wax ear plugs and they are about $3 a package at Walmart or Target. Also I bought my tri suit on KSL for $20. The lady only wore it once for a race. Might seem a little weird to buy it used, but I borrowed my sister in laws for the first race so I wasn’t too worried about a used tri suit (I’ve worn it about 6 times, only for tris). I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

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