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Chosen & Dearly Loved~ The Shafovaloff’s Adoption Story

Many of you might remember our dear friends Ian & Taryn from Seattle who adopted and are now proud parents of 3 beautiful boys from Nicaragua! If you don’t, you can read their story HERE.  We were so blessed to be able to see them bring the boys home and take part in a small piece of their joy and story.  We are far away from them in location now, but we had the privilege for a short time to experience the blessing of community that gathered around to support them and still do as they struggle through the wonderful and challenging parts of that adoption.  We also got to see the tremendous beauty in adoption and how it creates a family that God intends even outside the boundaries of natural birth.

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More recently, now in our church community here in Utah, we have been blessed to come to know in small part the Shafovaloff family.  You can read about their adoption Story Here: Hanna Piper’s Adoption Story

Meet the Shafavoloff family & precious new baby Hanna Piper:

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Although a bit different from the Hardy adoption in nature, hearing this story has touched me in the same way.  God’s grace truly extends beyond the circumstances we are given.  Although our circumstances are a part of our story, it’s so good to see God at work providing loving families for these little ones and that He really truly cares for the little and big desires of our heart.

This adoption has already happened, however, the finances for this adoption are still large and are something this family is working toward paying off.

I want all my friends both near and far to know about this story for many different reasons:

  • To see an awesome picture of God’s provision and hope
  • To pray for this family that God will provide everything that they need to secure this adoption and a healthy life for Hannah
  • To give ~ There are two ways that you can support this adoption financially:

Through The Chosen Half Marathon & 5k: If you live in Utah you can sign up to run the Chosen 5k, Half Marathon or Just register for the “Sleeper” to support them.  Just register and sign up for team Shafovaloff and all proceeds go directly toward their adoption.  To register, go to:, or you can click on the Chosen Marathon button on the upper right side of my blog.  I’m running this race and I LOVE the idea of raising funds for this!


You can visit their ABBA Fund Adoption Page by clicking on the link or going to:      shafovaloff/#/step1.  Here, you can sign up and give any amount, even as  little as $5.  There is no page to give toward my running for this race but you can be sure that if you donate anything on this page, it will go directly toward Hannah Piper’s adoption with the Shafovaloff family 🙂

Thanks for listening, praying and considering giving in some way.  We are so happy for them and are always in awe of the beauty of how God chooses these little ones for special families such as this!  

You can also continue to pray and follow Stacia’s blog: Clumsy Mothering for updates by clicking HERE


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