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Another Mother’s Day


Today, I was surprised and delighted {Okay, I totally requested this gift 😉 } but I loved it all the same.


I was spoiled with a latte made by my husband before church…


I had some great afternoon views…


 And I had a fine dinner with all this handsomeness and this view! 

A few other things:

  • God stretched me just a little bit today as I led worship at church this morning {fully supported by worship band awesomeness.  Thanks Mama Cassie-frass!}
  • I thought about how much I miss my Mama. She passed away over 5 years ago. I have grieved much and each year feels a little lighter as God gives me new things to celebrate but there is always a remembering on this day.
  • I thought much about other women who were missing their moms or desperately want to be moms.  I know this day can be a difficult one.  You, friends, are not alone.  You are dearly loved.
  • And I reveled in how I felt 100% loved by my son who said, “Happy Mother’s Day” over and over, almost always followed by a hug and/or a kiss.

In joy and in sorrow, a sweet day indeed. For further cheer, I leave you with this…

Happy Mother’s Day



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