Santos Running Updates

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My First Half Marathon Since Baby Santos!  Woot woot!

So…It’s been a while and I’m excited to add another running update to our blog!  This means that I did indeed continue to run despite all new time challenges, climate changes, etc, etc!  I had been running just before summer with no specific goals in mind except for to increase my fitness before we start on Baby Santos #2 😉  Well, getting back into running inspired me to take on a few more races and goals before that happens.  Enter race registration for a downhill half!  I found a race that was not too far away called the Drop 13 Half Marathon.  It was the inaugural race so I knew it wouldn’t be ultra organized, but I’ve gained a love and respect for small intimate races.  The hope was to take away the intimidation factor, set a good first goal and just take in some Utah mountain beauty.  The race went well.  It was in fact, beautiful and I plan on doing this one again.  I’ll share a few pics here and my online race results too.  Funny how, I’m only a year away from being out of that age division.  Can you say OLD?  I also only had about 5 weeks to train for the Half, so I think I can definitely do better next time around and moral of the story was: 13 miles still feels like 13 miles, even downhill…Good times!

279. 409 Crystal Santos 34 West Jordan UT 78. Women 30-34 2:30:19.0

IMG_0423 IMG_0426

I’ve also added a Race Calendar to my home page:

Check one off the life list:  I registered for a Triathlon.  The Triathamom on August 17th

Check another off the life list:  I signed up for a mud run with obstacle courses in Sept

One last Half Harrah before we commence Baby #2 efforts: Vegas Rock N Roll Half Marathon 🙂

Oh, and I wanted to give a special shout out to Mr. Santos!  He won’t be running any of these races with me this time since he’ll be watching Mason.  Thank you sweetheart for sacrificing your time to watch our boy while I fit in one of my loves 🙂


Why I love running:

This finding my way back to a comfortable running rhythm after having a baby has brought me to re-evaluate why in the world I want to run in the first place.  After all, there are plenty of other options that could help me get in shape that don’t include pulling a dog and pushing a baby out in the sweltering heat….Shurely Zumba would be more fun or kickboxing would make me feel just as awesome.

This morning, while on my run, I remembered why.  The easy once sentence answer is that it is the ONLY time that the chaos in my mind slows for a while and I can think clearly.  There is just something about the physical exertion of a good and even a very hard run that chases away all my worry and colliding thoughts.  I focus.  I focus to keep my mind off the fact that my body is tired and my mind seems to focus really well.  On my run things become clear.  I begin, I finish.  I succeed.  I not only meet the pavement, but I meet God there.  I meet a better me, a more focused me.  It’s simple.

I love running, not because I’ll ever be the fastest.  In fact, I’m the slowest right now after a baby than I’ve been in a while.  It’s quite humbling actually…  I love running because I win…in my own life, every time I step out the door with my running shoes on.

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Thinking about signing up for a few 5ks this Fall.  Getting adjusted to the heat here in Utah and some after pregnancy pounds.  Whew!


Insert running hiatus due to our baby bliss 😉 


Last Jingle Bell Run Before Baby… 🙂

And she shook when she ran, like a bowl full of jelly!


Our 3rd Rock & Roll

We are a bit older, and a bit more tired this year….and um, I was pregnant!  We did a walk/run combo, but we DID finish TOGETHER, hand-in-hand.  June 26th, 2011.

(We did use up all the calories we burned afterward on a Redmill Burger & we did take a nap)


Spring Training is almost Here

It’s just about time for the sun to stick around a while and the days are longer.  Since I’m primarily an evening runner, this makes it easier to get training runs in.  One problem.  With our new budget, it makes it hard to calculate in the cost of race registration and doing many is very costly believe it or not, so…this year, I think I’ll have to pick one.  The good news is that I don’t need to run several races to get my share of good exercise and training in.  That’s free!


Jingle Bell Run Pics & Looking for the Next Adventure.

Just wanted to share a few fun pics from the Jingle Bell Run in December and as for the next running adventure, I’m trying to figure that one out.  We both agreed we’d like a goal so I’m looking.  I know there are some half marathons in nearby cities and since early spring will bring races for sure it’s time for some early training.   Enjoy the pictures!  We had a great time.

After the run fun with friends Michael & Amy Cuthbert
Jono and I after the race
Getting some coffee and trying my Dasher ears on for size.

Mill Creek Running Club & The Jingle Bell Dash!

I  just joined a running club in Mill Creek.  It’s called the Mill Creek Running and Multi Sports club.  They are on Facebook as well.  Check them out!.  Also, if you are feeling inspired to get out on Saturday mornings at least I’ll be at the Mill Creek Town Center Spotted Cow and will be running 6 miles on average.  It’s been great motivation to get my workout in early on the weekend. Join Me!

Also, Jono and I will be running our annual Jingle Bell Dash on December 12th!  It’s one of our favorite 5k’s and always get’s us in the Christmas Spirit!  Check it out Here.


Seattle Rock N Roll Half Marathon

Another Santos running success!  I’m so, so proud of my husband who finished the entire 13.1 miles this year with only 3 weeks prior training.  Here, we have posted our finishers certificates, a few fun photos from the day and a Link to view our race results, photos and the finish line video!  Technology just keeps getting better & better.  I do, however like that they don’t give us or finisher medal online.

2010 Searchable Results/MyFinisher Center.

Half Marathons

Tomorrow, we embarke on the Santos 2nd Half Marathon for the summer and our 2nd Annual Rock N Roll Marathon together.  13.1 miles of marital cooperation and fun!  We love the Half Marathon’s and the excitement that comes with them.  The also keep us accountable to being in shape.  26.2 once was enough for me.  13.1 is cool because we are lazy like that.  (wink, wink 😉 )

Finish Line

We Spent the our Engagement Weekend in Skagit Valley.  We celebrated by spending a day in the Tulp fields(where we went the weekend we got engaged) and participated in the Tulip run.  Not the most professionally organized, but we had a good time anyway.  Do it again?  Probably not, but we’re glad we did.

We had a great time at the St.Patty’s day Dash!

Time to dust off those Running shoes again

The day are getting longer which means there is more light and the 2010 Running Season is quickly approaching!

Plans for this spring/summer

Let the training begin!

Jingle Bell 2009 Was a Sucess!

We love the Jingle Bell Run!  It’s fun running with hundreds of other people who are all also freezing with bells on their feet.  It just says Christmas time.  In addition, the money we spend on the race is for a cause…and who can say no to a fun long sleeved race t.  We finished just over 30 minutes and it’s fun to stay in shape.  Hopefully, we will get our act together and do at least another half marathon come summer.  We’d love for any of our friends to join us!  Also, the St. Patty’s Dash is coming for those who want to start at a Fun 5K!  We tripple dog dare you!

Fun pics…

We really enjoy doing this together

and with friends.  Good excuse to connect

and who doesn’t love the free SWAG!  I’m holding my Yelpstick!

We look forward to running with our friends come St. Patty’s Day!


We ARE doing the Jingle Bell Run this year with some people on Jonathan’s Verizon team. We’d love to have you join us! It’s fun to do it with friends. It is pet friendly, inspirational and you can walk it if you prefer not to run. Our training together has been a bit out of sorts, so we are getting right back on track beginning with a 5k!

If you’d like to register, you can do so online now. It’s only $25 and you get a t-shirt!

We hope to see you there!

~C & J

One half Marathon down.  Jonathan and I ran and finished the Rock N Roll Seattle Marathon together in July, 2009.  Go team Santos!